Size & Weight Guide - MailGhost Handling Charges

*   Within the UK, MailGhost handle mail up to Royal Mail’s ‘Medium Parcel’ size.
*   Mail sent Internationally is restricted to Royal Mail’s ‘Small Parcel’ size.
*   Consolidating mail of weird and wonderful shapes and size making it tricky to repackage, may be subject to a small Surcharge.

IMPORTANT:   MailGhost’s repackaging adds weight (details below). Total weight of your mail, including our repackaging, determines the category of mail.






Rolled & Cylindrical Shaped Parcels

The length of the item plus twice the diameter must not exceed 1040mm, with the greatest dimension being no more than 900mm. Rolled and cylinder shaped parcels that measure up to 450mm in length and 80mm in diameter and do not exceed 2kg can be sent as small parcels.

Please refer to Royal Mail size and weight formats for further guidance if required.

Oversize/Overweight Mail

Occasionally, a package may arrive to a customer’s mailbox which is slightly larger and/or heavier than MailGhost’s normal Handling Limits stated at the top of this page.

In this situation, MailGhost do not reject packages. The slightly oversize/overweight package is still processed and dispatched, although we must use Parcelforce services because of the large size/weight (which includes tracking all the way to delivery, recipient signature on delivery, and is a guaranteed delivery service). This incurs a higher postage cost plus a small surcharge of £7.95 for additional processing and handling costs.