Receiving Mail Anonymously

UK & International Mail Forwarding

After MailGhost receive your mail, we place it into discrete tamper-proof packaging and send it to any address worldwide, with anonymity and security guaranteed.
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Choose from lots of Postage Options. If customers do not specify their preferred postage method, their mail is sent 1st Class within the UK, and by International Standard worldwide.

Select when mail is forwarded:
1. ASAP i.e. Same/Next Day, depending on what time your mail arrives at your mailbox (except weekends, then mail is sent Monday morning)
2. Weekly
3. Storage.

If customers do not specify a forwarding interval, mail is sent ASAP.

Change your forwarding address as frequently as you wish through the Portal. We do not retain records of previous addresses.
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——  IMPORTANT!  —— 
If mail arrives addressed to a mailbox with the prefix “GhostBox”, MailGhost open the outer packaging and send pre-packaged and addressed mail items, which mailbox owners should prepare before sending to MailGhost like: “GhostBox (your unique ID)”. This is known as Sending mail via your mailbox.

MailGhost can store mail that arrives to at mailboxes until the respective mailbox owner asks for forwarding. Mail is dispatched upon request. Same Day dispatch is possibe if the request is received before midday UK time (excluding Weekends). Storage carries a small surcharge. Distributing consignments is reserved for Business Account mailboxes only. Storage for Individual Account mailboxes is limited to mail received not sent like consignments, and not meant to be used constantly.

Free SMS or Email Notification

Free SMS or Email notifications when mail arrives at your mailbox, enabled through the Portal.
SMS notifications are not available for free Trials.


Restricted, Prohibited or Hazardous Goods:

Certain items, including perfume, alcohol and aerosols, require a Hazard Sticker be displayed on the packaging.
Please refer to Royal Mail’s Restricted and Prohibited Goods list.


UK Address Guide

Please view the UK Address Writing Guide before using your new GhostBox address.