GhostBoxes™ (aka mailboxes)

Anonymous Mailbox, with UK street address (not a PO Box) + International Mailing Service

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Each mailbox has a unique street address, which accepts packages up to 20kg (and more with a surcharge), items requiring a signature, and regular mail.

MailGhost locates your business in the heart of Europe’s Oil Capital, a prestigious area of the UK, providing an excellent corporate and personal image, particularly for those involved in the Engineering industry.

Be assured, MailGhost NEVER open customers’ mail under any circumstance.

Privacy and Security Policies.

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Create Multiple Business & Residential MailBox Addresses

Create a unique ID. This can be a name, a number, a letter, or combination of both number and letter.

E.g. John Smith, ABC Ltd, 101, F, 100-A, 99Z, 2(H), B200, etc.

Use any ID prefix, allowing the address to appear as either residential or business. For example, Suite, Office, Unit, Studio, Apartment, Complex, etc.

E.g. ABC Ltd. Returns Department, Suite 1, Unit B, Studio 99X, Complex 555, etc.

IMPORTANT: The prefix “GhostBox” is used for Sending mail. This means clients must package pre-packaged and addressed item(s) within a larger package. MailGhost open the outer package and foward the inner package(s)..

Choice of Two UK Street Addresses

Mailbox owners can use either of our two addresses and customise their mailbox address in almost any way imaginable – as long as the unique ID is included!

For example:

Mr John Smith
Director, Office 10
1 Demo Street
UK or United Kingdom

(the unique ID is 10)

Returns Dept., ABC Limited
Suite 99Z
1 Demo Street
UK or United Kingdom

(the unique ID is 99Z)


Two Account Types, Two Account Durations

Individual and Business Accounts.
6 month and 1 year mailbox rentals are available, as low as £8.25 per month.

Register or start a 30-day free Trial.

Only Business mailbox owners may send Consignments to MailGhost, and have us distribute contents individually.


MailGhost charge a mailbox rental, plus a small handling fee per item forwarded – view Pricing for full info.

Part of the initial cost is deposited into an Account, from which all postage costs and handling charges are deducted. Through the Portal mailbox owners have complete control, with access to: view the Account Balance, top-up, renew or cancel the Account. MailBox owners and are informed by email if the Account Balance runs low.