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FREE 30 Day Trial – UK Mailbox

Try MailGhost’s international mail forwarding and re-mailing services at no risk, and without charge.

Create an anonymous private mailbox, with the UK accommodation address of your choice.

Feel free to send yourself, or anyone else, a test letter (size and weight limit below).
MailGhost receive, process and send the letter to any address, worldwide.

Trial mailbox owners receive an E-mail notification when mail arrives at their mailbox.

The Free Trial is intended to help those considering employing MailGhost’s postal services, but may be skeptical of having their mail professionally handled.

Conditions & Restrictions – please observe these.

Only one free trial permitted.

Online registration must be completed activate a free trial
Free trials only commence after registration is complete, and a forwarding address for a test letter has been submitted. Until receiving the confirmation email, mailboxes are not active and mail any received is returned to sender.

Free trials allow 1 single letter (no parcels).
More than 1 letter, or items larger than Royal Mail’s definition of a Letter, are returned to sender.

Size & Weight Limits.
Maximum thickness: 5mm
Maximum length: 240mm
Maximum width: 165mm

International letters are restricted to max. 20grams. MailGhost’s repackaging adds 6.5gms. Total weight must be under 20grams, otherwise mail is returned to sender.
Within the UK letters are restricted to max. 100grams. MailGhost’s repackaging adds 6.5gms. Total weight must be under 100grams, otherwise mail is returned to sender.

Free trials expire after 30 days.
Mail arriving after the free trial duration is returned to sender.
However, trial mailbox holders may upgrade to an Individual or Business account at any time to maintain their unique mailbox address.

No repeat registrations
Repeat registrations are not allowed. Although MailGhost do not use tracking cookies like some competitors to prevent free trial abuse, years of experience in providing mail related privacy products allows us to determine fraudsters and criminals from genuine privacy seekers more often than not.