Cost Effective UK & Europe Distribution

Business mailbox owners can send Consignments to their mailbox, and MailGhost will distribute items individually to minimise postage costs.

How to Send Mulitple Items in a Consignment through your Mailbox

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Consolidate individually packaged and pre-addressed items into a single consignment, and send it to your mailbox at a fraction of the cost per address (with only one Customs declaration if sending from outside UK). On receipt, MailGhost de-consolidate the consignment and send each item upon request at local Royal Mail postal rates + our handling fee. Distribution of items within a consignment can be managed through the Portal.

Mail will bear UK stamps, UK post-mark, and optionally a UK return address.

1. Package individual items as normal and affix Address label – but do not affix stamps.
2. Put individual mail items in a larger envelope or package,
3. Send the Consignment to your mailbox with the prefix “GhostBox”.

IMPORTANT: Consignments must arrive at your mailbox with the prefix “GhostBox” (E.g. GhostBox 123) – this lets us know to open the outer packaging and forward the items inside on the mailbox owner’s request.

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Size and Weight Limits

Items within a consignment destined within the UK must not exceed 610mm x 460mm x 460mm, with a maximum weight of 20Kg.
Items within a consignment destined for Europe and the rest of the world must not exceed 450mm x 350mm x 160mm, with a maximum weight of 2Kg.

Consignments must not arrive in the form of pallets. Please view our Size and Weight Limits for more information.

UK Address Guide

View our UK Address Guide, demonstrating the different types of address you are likely to find in the UK. This will help you plan address labels and font size accordingly.

Flat-Rate Handling Charges

Business mailbox owners are eligible for discounted MailGhost Handling Fees. The discount for frequent-mailing Business mailbox owners starts at 15%. This rate may be increased based on the volume of mail handled.

Account Terms

To avoid unnecessary delays, all mailbox owners must maintain a positive Account Balance.  Please view Terms.